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2007-07-30 - 11:21 a.m.

Ouch, my back, again. But this time I know that it is actually doing something so I will suck it up (or, will try to). He said I can run on the treadmill on Friday and he will give me some tips, so that's progress, I guess ...

Oh, I want to be better NOW. But then I wouldn't get to go hang out with the fun guys and talk about food and listen to Ben Harper in the middle of my work-morning, so ...

Excited for my dinner party this coming weekend. Possibly will have 8 people, so hope we can all cram around the table (and maybe C can bring a chair). Menu is ever-changing, but will definitely involve roasted tomato soup (oh, the heirlooms) and my salmon dish (baked, with white wine and lemons) and probably pesto.

Nothing much else. It's warm today. Tomorrow go out with the work-girls for lunch. Am drinking coffee. Going to Greece exactly two weeks from today.


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