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2007-08-03 - 12:30 p.m.

Food talk and sports babble = running overtime for my session, which I continue so enjoy even at $100 a pop. It's funny how people can come into your life with whom you click so effortlessly, but after I'm done with it I probably will never see him again ... It happens over and over again, but it still doesn't get much easier (not in an overdramatic way, just a sort of wistful, oh, I like you and you're cool so can't we be friends? kind of a way).

WAY too much wedding backandforth via email with my girlfriends who are getting married in October and April, respectively. Still, not feeling as woeful about it as I was, possibly because of my decision earlier this week. I have to try really, really hard not to get anxious and worried about it in advance, because that's what will sink me. Luckily I have friends and a therapist who will help me through and keep me honest.

Fun things:

-Article in the paper tomorrow, possibly on the front of the section (oh, please!) because of lots of photos.

-Greece in less than 2 weeks, AND MY FRIEND IN JERUSALEM IS COMING FOR A FEW DAYS!!!!!!!!

-Drinks plans with K for next week; hope she doesn't flake

-Talking with someone from Dow Jones in an hour re: a job (eep!)

-Dinner party tomorrow

-Seb next weekend for pie-making and possibly river-swimming

Trying to be positive, over here.


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